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I know this look....


Couple #1


How could we lose?


Shouldn't have never said, 'Put me in coach.'

Nui Ba Din, Mountain in Background, War Zone C Viet Nam


Olivia Davis-Mausel 1963

Holiday Ball Queen


Jack Hubbell 1964

All Spain


Los Tres Amigos

John Reeve, Mike Blitch, & Rudy Kaldi


Jim Cummings

Jim & son in Hawaii


Linda Steffkovich, Sandy Cain, & Diana Summerville

Linda spelling is an art!


Dottie Berger, Millie Ward, and Gladys Marshall.   '67,'67,&'68

Must have been 7th or 8th graders....


Pat Connolly & Rick Bear


Sandy Mesimer-Stamm & Husband Butch

Maggie Valley, NC


Charlotte Bryant-Cramer

Currently in Kuwait


Karen Jogan with daughters Beverly & Cheyrl at Machu Picchu, Peru


Rudy Kaldi & "Uncle" Jim Thomas

Palma Majorca - Senior Class Trip


I double dare you!

What was I thinking?


Joanne Kaldi - 196?

I'll pay dearly for this.

Photos de La Joven Juana La Loca


Gardy, Paula, Diana, Wayne, Jeanie, & Rudy

Officer's club, Junior Prom


Susie Walter-Taylor with youngest daughter Tessie.


Rich & Gail Sandoval in Bangkok River Market, Bangkok Thailand


Joanne Kaldi-Cooke, Husband Steve, Nadine Velda, & Rudy Kaldi

Circa 1966


Senior Prom Chaperones



Judy DeGroff-Davis and Brother Dale


Dale DeGroff and wife Jill


Don Kline, Kathy Gillette, & Jerry (Geeger) Walters Jamming!

1965 Maybe


Rick Gerdus & Kathy at border between Portugal & Spain.


Than Mettle, Nacy Hoff, Kathy Gillette (wearing Ruthi's jacket), and Rick Gerdus on senior class trip to Portugal.


Bonnie Rand-Stevens



Rick Schmidt



Bob Mayer & Sandy Cain


Bob & Ruth Mayer


Class of 1963


L-R, Jim Pruitt, Jim Teghtmeyer, & George Huppert in San Diego


Kathy Gillette Mallard and her daughter Kaycie in London


Nancy & Kathy


Katlhy Gillette Mallard


Rick Gerdus & Ruthi Mayer Miskis




More Rota


I put the best looking of the O'Shea's 1st; it is downhill from here!

Patty Costas beautiful & talented

Bill Shay

Good looking guy!

Liam O'Shea

I know Gene and big Rude wouldn't approve of the hair length!

Liam - Nice Perm

Cliff Rock and Linda Azab Powell at West Point

What a happy bunch!

The priest must have been there for last rites!

Mr. Arnot's 7th Grade c. 1962, submitted by Jerry Mills

1960-61 Sixth Grade Class of Mr. Byars, submitted by Jerry Mills

1961 Little League All-Starts, submitted by Jerry Mills

Corky Ulrey then....

Jim Ulrey then....

Jim & Corky Ulrey c. 2002

Jim & Judy Pruitt

Cliff Miller 1966

Cliff Miller NOW

Cliff Miller & Family