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Greetings Roteņos;

     Dr. Arne Spinner, Ruthi Miskis/Mayer and I have coordinated our efforts to expand the e-mail list and notify former DGF alumni, setup a meeting site and procure the best possible hotel choices; making sure that we have a great time in April.  You can also help by getting in touch with anyone you think might be interested in attending our fiesta. 

     I have attended 2 large reunions and 3 smaller weekends, like we have planned.  This has been in the last 6 years.  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed reconnecting with my classmates from David Glasgow Farragut.  I confess a preference for these smaller, more selective, and intimate formats.

     Many of us for a variety of reasons will not be attending the Orlando reunion, which sounds like a great time.  We are planning a simple get together of friends.  A few Tapas, a Cervesa, a little vino, some 60's tunes, and a lot of great memories.  I refuse to do the twist!

     Now, about the site.  It will not be a work of art; very simple, with as much information as we have current.  Please let me know if I have misspelled a name, entered an address wrong or anything else you might observe.  Looking forward to seeing you in Ft. Lauderdale / Miami Beach.  Get the best airfare; both airports will be accessible to the reunion site.  However, Miami is problematic for ground transportation; making Ft. Lauderdale the best choice.

Rudy Kaldi (59-66)

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